Borax is a mineral compound that's also called sodium borate or sodium tetraborate. It's mined from a natural mineral called boron, which is used as an ingredient for medical products, household cleaning items, insect cleaners, laundry boosters, fungicides, and herbicides. 

This substance is a low-cost solution for getting rid of termites. It has been proven to effectively kill pests, while still generally safe for humans and the environment.

How Does Borax Kill Termites?

Borax doesn't work upon contact. You cannot simply pour borax powder for termites and expect it the pests to disappear right away. It is crucial for the termites to ingest the borax because that's how the compound kills these pests. Boric acid dehydrates the termites and works its way through the digestive and nervous system. 
So, to effectively kill the pests, you have to come up with a borax solution for termites. You can buy professionally made solutions or concoct a bottle in your home using any of the following:  
  • borax dry powder
  • borax gel 
  • borax soap
  • borax spray
  • borax foam
  • baiting system
Regardless of what you use, borax for termite control is relatively cheap but effective. Just make sure, however, that you apply the solution correctly. 

How to Use Borax for Termites

To get the best results for using borax to kill termites, keep in mind the kind of borax solutions to use depending on your need. 

  1. Borax dry powder and gel are best to use for wood and timber cracks and crevices. You need to carefully fill these gaps with the solution to ensure its proper penetration. 
  2. Borax sprays and liquid solutions that usually contain borax soap are best to use for treating wood surfaces that have either been painted or layered. It's also ideal for trenching soil that's infested with termites. 
  3. Borax baiting system and borax foam are most effective when inserted, drilled or nestled in openings and holes.
The borax solutions in powder and gel form will easily stick to the body, legs, and antenna of the termites. As such so the pests will be able to ingest the toxins when they groom themselves. The termites may also be directly poisoned from eating wood treated or sprayed with borax. They could also try to burrow through the bait stations in between wood holes and poison themselves in the process. The poison will start taking effect within three days of ingestion and death will come within a week to 10 days. 
But some solutions may be more effective if it's diluted in water. Take note that for every teaspoonful of borax, you need at least eight ounces of water for dilution. Always use warm water for best results. 

Is Borax Acid for Termites Long Lasting? 

Using borax acid to kill termites is not a one-time solution. The treatment won't last long, so it is necessary to reapply and do the same process every few weeks. During cold and wet seasons, you may need to treat your wood panels more often to control the spread of termites that thrive in moisture.

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