Termite infestation can never be ignored no matter how small it seems. These pests will cause major destructions in your house once it starts burrowing. Hence, it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

There are plenty of ways to prevent termites from infesting your home, but the least expensive and most non-toxic method is to use boric acid for termites control. This method became the norm in the 1940s in the U.S. Companies manufactured insecticides laced with a boric acid solution, so it is readily available in the market.

However, it's easy to make blunders when using boric acid treatment for termites if you're not familiar with how it actually works. Here are three common mistakes and how to correct them.

Mistake 1: Using too much boric acid solution

It's not necessary to drench a wood surface or a termite-infested spot with too much boric acid. A thin layer of dust powder or gel can absolutely go a long way provided that you know exactly how to put this. 

Some boric acid solutions come in small squeeze bottles for a reason. It's so that you can easily insert a few drops in cracks or crevices infested by termites. 

If you're using a boric acid powder, it's good to invest in a bulb duster as well so that you can control the amount of dust you put in these cracks. Don't rush with the application because this requires precision to be effective. Use gloves and a mask when you’re handling a boric acid solution, as an added safety precaution.

Mistake 2: Using boric acid in the wrong location

For the best results, you should apply boric acid for termite treatment at the exact spots. It will be a waste of resources, money, and effort if you put the solution in areas where there's no active termite infestation. 

Understand that termites need to come in contact with the boric acid so that it will be ingested. Once it's in the pests' system, the solution will poison its body in a matter of days.

Mistake 3: Being impatient about the results

Using boric acid to kill termites is not a magical solution. The effects aren't instant so don't expect to see dead termites as soon as you apply the insecticide. At best, give it at least three to five days to see the results. Until then, avoid starting a different termite treatment that may be a waste of your money and time. 

Boric acid for termite control is also not a one-time fix. You should be committed to pouring time to treat the infested wood surfaces again and again until you're sure that the termites are entirely gone.

Benefits of Boric Acid for Termite Control

Many people attest that boric acid is effective against termites. However, some fail to reap the benefits of using this solution because they're not so careful to avoid the mistakes of improper application.

Try to focus on the right application first before you discontinue using boric acid and go with other alternatives. Boric acid works effectively to kill termites but its high success rate will still greatly depend on how you use this solution correctly.

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