Among the many insects that live in the desert, there are termites. These termites live underground. Living conditions in the desert had a strong impact on their behaviour and habits. So you can’t see high desert termite mounds there. But if you will dig the ground, you will be able to find a lot of desert termite tubes, thus extracting underground water. Underground passages of termites are very extensive and go from the main nest 30-40 m horizontally and 12-20 m deep.

Where is the desert termite habitat? 

  1. The Colorado Desert in southeastern California.
  2. The Mojave Desert in southern California, southwestern Utah, southern Nevada, and northwestern Arizona.
Here are the habitats of Sonoran Desert termites.

What do desert termites eat?

Desert termites can eat all except metal appliances. For all that, there are two opinions about the benefits or harm of these desert dwellers.
  1. First opinion:
Termites are useful insects in the desert. They loosen the soil and take out of the mound waste of their life, which is a fertilizer and creates a fertile layer next to the mound. They dig deep channels allow water to rise to the surface. Eating in the district of various garbage left by man (boxes, paper, film, remains of fires, etc.), they clean up the environment.
  1. Second opinion: 
Termites harmful insects in the desert. They're ruining the power lines, pulling up the poles, eat up all the vegetation in the area, reducing the resource to feed cattle. 
Truth, as always, is in the middle. In those places where people began to actively explore the desert, it goes without saying, that we need to get rid of subterranean termites. But if the desert is not occupied by people, let it be! Termites are subsisting in the desert! In nature, everything is interconnected. And human 's orientation to the mass destruction of any kind of living beings can bring him not only benefit but also harm. We must always remember that the land is not only our home, in which we are inseparable owners. Our planet is home to everything that inhabits it. 
Added to everything else, the types of termites should be distinguished. Some of them multiply so quickly that they could populate and eat all around the world. The growth of such populations should be restrained.

Subterranean termite’s exemplars

  1. Taiwan subterranean termite
This type of termite indwells in Texas, Louisiana and South Carolina. One colony of termites contain up to several million individuals that can forage in the soil for food up to 100 meters. An adult family can consume up to 400 grams of wood per day. This kind of termites can subsist not only in the soil but also in different other places: on ships, in skyscrapers, in trees. Taiwan subterranean termites in the result of the dam loosening dike have helped hurricane Katrina in 2005 to flood New Orleans.
  1. Eastern subterranean termites
On the East coast of the country, there are Eastern subterranean termites, which on raven on wood, using the construction forests growing on the coast. 
  1. Western underground termite
It is very widespread in the United States, as it is this type of termite in search of esculent wood, penetrates into the smallest wooden products and spreads around the country with them.
  1.  Desert termites
These termites don't disadvantage people. They feed on decomposing plant waste and thus decontaminate the environment. Termites don't go in the house don't eat the trees.

Methods of controlling

For the destruction of subterranean termites, it is necessary to use chemicals as the most effective. Such as:
  1. Dominion 2L Termiticide Concentrate 
This drug is available in bottles, cases, jugs. It is sprayed directly on the territory contaminated with termites and invisible for insects. From one bottle of the potion is obtained 50 litres of the required solution.
  1. Premise 2 Termiticide
It can be in bottles and cases. This drug is transferred from one termite to another by contact. And thus the entire colony is destroyed.
  1. Cyper TC (gallons and cases) This drug can be used for various types of desert and underground. termites.
  1. Tempo SC Ultra 32 mL (bottle)
This preparation can be used both in open spaces and in the rooms intended for placement of animals.
  1. D-Fense SC (pints, gallons)
This drug can be used in any buildings and premises. It is odourless and permissible for people.


When you buy drugs in online stores it is necessary to find out what of them are countenance for use in your area.
If it is necessary to destroy a huge number of termites, you should not address to specialized firms. Your work will be more effective, don’t afraid to use chemical poisons. All that you need to prevent you and your family from the poisoning, is to wear special clothes and leave the house for a ventilation for some time.