Termites are medium-sized insects. They are also called white ants although it is actually an ancient species of cockroaches. Termites are useful in the wild, but they are very harmful to humans. And all because the nutrition of termites is wood, cellulose and product of them. People are forced to get rid of termites anywhere in their existence. 

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Termites  - DIY

Purchased funds are good and convenient. They quickly help to get rid of termites. But if you have not had time to buy, and it is necessary to act quickly, then in the first case, you can take advantage of what you have in the house always.

  1. Boric acid can be used to fight termites. It as well as salt is scattered along the following termites. The moves of termites in furniture and walls should be filled up dry boric acid.
  2. Wet sawdust in water. Previously, adding a little bitter orange oil. Roll in these balls, boric acid and place the bait along the route of the termites. Track the eating of bait. 
  3. Orange oil is harmful to termites. If you have this oil or products containing it. It can be part of lotions, creams, deodorants, additives for baths. Slather these tools all visited by termites.
  4. For example, salt. Get rid of termites with salt. It is desirable to have coarse sea salt. Scatter it along the tracks, which are followed by termites, so they’ll get mechanical damage. The saturated salt solution can also be used. Fill them all the moves that have done termites in the walls and furniture. The solution will have to pour cold, so as not to spoil the furniture. What is a pity! Boiling water would be better. Use boiling water with salt in the yard, but not in the truck farm. Salt is not good for plants. 
  5. Any household chemicals that people use in everyday life is harmful to termites. At the same time, it is necessary to take into consideration their high adaptability. Because if You have not empoisoned them by any means, next time it may not help.
Into the bargain to toxic chemicals, there are also drugs positioned as natural in contraposition with toxicants.

  1. Wondercide Outdoor Pest Control is practised for Lawn and Landscape. It can be used for: Golf courses, gardens, lawns, dog runs, parks and so on. 
  2. Monterey Termite and Carpenter Ant Control. This flavourless liquid is durable and easy to rate. 
  3. NATRIA Home Pest Control RTU. This product is made from natural ingredients entirely and can be used inside because it is safe for children and animals.


There are many ways to get rid of termites with the help of various poisons off-the-shelf on the ground.

  1. Temprid FX Insecticide. l Temprid FX is well mixed with water according to the instructions on the package. Despite the fact that the duration of its action is 30 days, if necessary, you can use this poisonous solution every ten days. Temprid FX is a universal preparation, which can be used as outside as inside.
  2. Tempo SC Ultra. The shield is diluted with water depending on the size of the package
  3. Dominion 2L. This drug has a success thanks to the Domino effect when one species poison is transferred to another.

In the yard

The yard is the first place to check for termites. Even the slightest hint of their existence must induce you to take the necessary steps for the destruction of pests. How can this be done?
Diatomaceous earth suitable to remove termites in the yard. It is a natural, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that crumbles easily into fine white or off-white powder. It is necessary to fill the entire area of the yard with this powder once every day until you will not see any termite in the yard. Diatomaceous earth may have the form of powder It is recommended for use in humid climates. It can be sold as a liquid in special bottles. It is recommended for use in dry climates.

  1. Diatomaceous Earth 85% (powder). It consists of 85 per cent Silicon dioxide.
  2. Mother Earth D - Diatomaceous Earth. It is produced as liquid and powder.

In mulch

But it should be bare in mind that leaving the court became uncomfortable for them, termites can move to other places and also cause significant harm. Therefore, the fight against termites should be carried out comprehensively. If you use mulch to care for plants on your ground, you should know, that for termites it is a suitable habitat full of delicious food. Here people also use for diatomaceous earth.
In addition to natural products on the ground can be used and various chemical compounds. For example:

  1. Equil Lambda 9.7 CS. It can be used in mulch because it retains its properties in any environment and even in direct sunlight.

In the garden. 

Wood is a favorite meal for termites You should protect trees from them and get rid of termites in a tree. What are you going to buy for this?

  1. It may be Turf Mark Blue. Half of the concentrate package is mixed with poison (from one to three liters). It turns out the solution is blue, which is applied to the trees.
  2. Monterey Mark-Blue Monterey Mark-It Blue spray, which includes a blue dye. The dye shows which places are treated. Without dye, this spray is washed off by rain quickly. Termites often wind up in stumps. Stumps are their delicious dish. Get rid of termites in a tree stump.
  3. Telstar XTRA Granules. Its granules are made of loamy material which can be fast deliquesced by water. Pellets can be scattered around stumps, trees, shrubs and on the lawn. This product is mixed with water in the ratio one to three.

Get rid of termites in your house

Unfortunately, termites don't just spread outside the house, they can get into your house. They are able to eat your walls, furniture, paper, even money. They're enemies. 

So, if termites have already come into your house, think immediately: how to get rid of termites in my house. Be sure. The achievements of chemistry will help you:

  1. Jecta Gel Large Tube. This safe, colorless and odorless gel is easy to apply to the surface. Prerequisite: it must be used with Bora-Care.
  2. Professional Pest Control Products Bora-Care. It is a liquid concentrate that is diluted with water. One halon of halon concentrate gets two poisons. The solution is enough for a thousand square feet.
  3. PenaShield. This tool is suitable for wooden walls. Although it is quite poisonous to others. Therefore, it is desirable to apply it at the construction stage. You can process You can process by this poison inside the wall under the outer lining.
  4. Adonis 75 WSP. This drug can be used to treat basements, attics, wooden piles and voids in walls. It is carried by termites throughout the colony, which leads to its complete destruction.
Due to the fact that termites are very tenacious and always ready to hurt you, you need to use additional funds to get rid of termites in apartment. This supplementary tool will be a system of traps that you will dispose throughout the home space. Traps are harmless to humans and Pets, but very harmful to termites. One and another trap’s schemes are available for sale: 

  1. HexPro Termite Baiting System - Pro Kit. depending on the price, it may consist of ten, fifteen or twenty stations (the station is called one trap). There is an instruction in the carton with the nested trap. Household user must act in accordance with it.
  2. Trelona ATBS Home Monitoring Kit. It consists of sixteen traps. This station contains additional spare parts, and also requires work on instructions. If this thing is difficult for acting. There is another.
  3. Trelona Compressed Termite Bait - Its box has got 6 cartridges and its case has got 48 cartridges. May be it is easier to use. 

Get rid of termites in wood

Removal of termites from wooden walls and furniture is particularly difficult.
Here is a method of aeration of wooden elements:

  1. Disulfide.
  2. Cyanide (cyanide) acid.
  3. Chloropicrin.
For aeration, it is necessary to use flameless smoke bombs. It is also necessary to withdraw from the premises of all people and animals. After that, the room is sealed and within it from three to five days’ aeration is carried out. After that, all the holes on the wood products are covered, and the room is thoroughly ventilated...

Plants against termites 

  1.  Concentrated infusion of leaves and seeds of milkwort will help you to reduce the number of moving on your land termites and will be the first step to their destruction.
  2.  Mint useful plant with a pleasant smell is not tolerated by termites. By planting it on the site you will find an ally in the fight against termites. You can also buy dried flowers of mint and sprinkle them in the room. The pleasant and healthy smell of these flowers will help in the fight against termites. Coma Bay concentrated infusion of mint poured into the holes made by termites in the tree will seriously increase the chance of success in the fight against them.
  3.  Marigolds and garlic in addition to mint also help fight termites.

Insects against termites

Small nematode worms are a natural enemy of termites. They can be bought and settled on the ground.
Orcon Beneficial Nematodes (7 million nematodes) (GC-R7M).

They can be diluted with water and mixed with mulch. The main thing that they do not fall under sun lights. The result is served from two to six weeks.

Ants are considered the main enemies of termites. Therefore, the presence of a number of anthills in the neighbourhood will be useful. Here is the main thing to observe the necessary balance, as an overabundance of ants in the area can also cause damage to the farmstead
Ladybugs, centipedes, spiders and praying Mantises are ready to eat Your enemies. Use this on your property. To attract more beneficial insects, you can use Monterey Lady Bug Attractant and Monterey Honey Bee Attractant.

For an apartment, this advice, of course, is not suitable

Animals against termites

If you are not afraid of the proximity of bats, armadillos and anteaters, you should know that they feed on termites and can help you in your fight. Of course, they are not needed at your location. But settle down them in the neighbourhood and you'll have good allies.

Birds against termites

Woodpecker. Here's a bird that can help get rid of wood termites. Woodpeckers have a good ear and can hear any movement of termites in the tree. Woodpeckers are forest birds. Driven stakes in the surrounding forests, they will seriously reduce the population of forest termites in the district.

A little landslide baby can help get rid of termites your garden.  Unlike woodpeckers, which live only in the forests. Nuthatches can live in parks and gardens. Nutcrackers live on trees and subsist pests, which take out from under trees.
Unfortunately, different useful animals, the materials at hand and their own inventions can only hold back the increase in the colony of termites for some time. So do not hesitate to go and buy special chemicals for the destruction of termites.

Security measures for work with prisons

If you are going to make treatment of the places affected by termites independently, it is most desirable that you should do it.

  1. To purchase a mask, shoe covers, special waterproof clothes with a hood, goggles for the eyes. 
  2. Carefully read the instructions on the packaging and follow all necessary safety measures.
If the fight against termites was not equal to, don’t worry. There are many professional companies that are happy to rescue you from all the problems with termites. 

  1. One of them is Orkin. It is the oldest company works around the world. 
  2. The next company is American Pest Management. Its officers are situated in Manhattan and Olathe.
  3. There is Pest Rangers in Hollywood.
  4. Action Termite & Pest Control works in Phoenix, Tucson and Southeastern Arizona. This company has successfully flogged against underground termites, which are widespread in Arizona.
  5. West Termite, Pest & Lawn protects from termites from Northwest Arkansas to Oklahoma. They check for termites free of charge and without obligation to continue using their services.

Some more recommendations for termite destruction

  1.  Before you start a decisive battle with termites looks at what is being done on the ground of your neighbours. It will be all talk and no cider when insects will move to You again at the slightest opportunity because the termites’ towers are rising on the other locations. 
  1. Walk through the surrounding fields and forests and see where the mound is the closest to your home. Maybe the destruction of termites, it is necessary to start with it.
  2. If you live in an apartment building and find termites in your apartment, feel free to ask neighbours about these pests. You will be completely safe only when they clean the whole house. Get rid of termites for good.

So let's summarize. What you should do to discover in your home termite

  1. Termites reproduce very quickly therefore prior to the adoption of the core solution restrain the growth of a population of termites by any accessible ways. 
  2. In this time ask your neighbours about this problem and convince them to work together.
  3. Go around the neighbourhood and find out the location of the mound closest to your home. It may be necessary to include in the program for the destruction of termites.
  4. Carefully study all chemicals used against termites, and then call the nearest professional company. With sufficient information, it will be easier to understand the actions of professionals and make the best decision for what company to apply.
  5. Sign a contract with a professional company, having discussed in advance the terms of work, all chemicals used and guarantees of their action. Definitely stipulated cleaning of premises after disinfection in the contract.
  6. Take your family to a safe place for the duration of the work and start.
  7. Be present and fully control all actions of employees. Despite the professionalism of the performers ever take care of your property.
After finishing work, do not relax and plant around the house flowers and plants that protect against termites. And also think about breeding insects, birds and animals that will cut the mustard and can live near your home. Effective animals and birds should appear in your area only after chemical treatment and disappearance of its consequences. So they don't die from a poison meant for termites. Get rid of termites for good.

With time and patience, the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin co.