Home resources (Household products and home products to kill termites) 

  1. If there are no the necessary chemicals in the house, in the time of the sudden detection of termites, you can use vinegar and lemon. Mix a cup of vinegar with the juice of two lemons and spray in the right places. This will help at first.
  2. If there is nothing, some simple salt can help well. It is necessary to make a solution of high concentration and pour it into the passages and tunnels of termites.
  3. If you use bleach when washing, pour it on termites, they'll die.
  4. There is an opinion that it is possible to kill termites with orange oil (orange peel extract). In any case, it only works in the room for wood termites and does not help for termites in the soil.
  5. Recommend also boric acid. But now the insects are so used to it that a small number of them do not even notice. To kill termites, you have to stock up on huge doses. Which must be constantly fall asleep in the moves and galleries.
  6. Keep in mind that every cleaning product, even washing powder can help in the initial fight against termites. These drugs are toxic. People got used to them. Termites have not habituated yet. 

Professional tools 

  1. Timbor, 1.5 lb. Dissolve one and a half pounds of powder in one gallon of water and smear 200 cubic meters of wood with the mixture
  1. Dominion 2L. Dilute one gallon of concentrate with one gallon of water and you will get two gallons of the required solution, which you will be able to treat one thousand square meters of the area infected with termites.
  1. Bora-Care. It is also mixed one to one with water to obtain the desired mixture. You can’t use this without prior. They can be bought in the online store of the company PestProducts. Which has got many different products to kill termites.
  1. Borate Wood Treatment. It is used for armour wood from termites
  1. Termite Bait Systems. It's a system of baits and termite traps. They are slow but effective. They completely destroy the population. Be sure to check the traps every three months. Pay attention to the places where the bait is eaten faster. Perhaps these traps will have to put a more active ingredient that individuals will diffuse throughout the colony.
  1. Termite Foam (Termidor). This resource getting into the moves of termites, it clogs them. Poison attached to the foam kills termites. What ought to do. At first, read the text on the product, then act on the instructions.
  1. You can use Fipronil foam. A very effective tool, if you know holes wherethrough insects penetrate into the termite mound. After treatment with this drug, the termites will disappear after ninety days. This product is also available in granules. Fipronil can be dangerous for dogs and cats. Applying it, you need to protect your pets. Before using this drug in such States as Alaska, Connecticut, Nebraska, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Indiana, New York, and Washington you should consult how widely dispersed its application is. The seller of Fipronil foam is situated in Concord, North Carolina. 
  1. Fumigation fluoride Sulphur dioxide. Very fast and effective method, but is very dangerous for the threshold worker. When carrying out fumigation of structures with gas, several factors should be taken into consideration. The gas is highly toxic to animals and humans. You must work in a mask. The gas has a high degree of permeability. It quickly penetrates into the structure of the tree. But also it will penetrate into any other room even sprayed on the surrounding area. That such disinfection will not bring more harm than good, ought to take away all people and animals on the safe distance.
  1. Taurus SC. The product is mixed with water according to the instructions and sprayed with a hose.
  1. Ortho Home Defense MAX.
After processing the wood with this preparation for five years, you can forget about termites.

On site of DoMyOwn company, you can buy all these preparations. It is a young firm, which was found in 2004, but it has got many different drugs for killing white ants. It sells them online. In their shop, all people buy the best products to kill termites.

Security measures for self-destruction of termites at home

Working with a poisonous substance you must comply with certain safety measures. There is a special dust with which you can kill termites.
  1. To work with it you need to have a mask and goggles and a prerequisite. Everywhere should be dry.
  2. Don’t smoke, eat or drink.
  3. Wear only fully covered clothing.
  4. Wash your hands after finishing this work.
  5. It is preferably not to go into the treated room during the day.

Professional anti-termite companies

Besides, there are professional anti-termite companies. They’ll lay out in the right places killers to the termites. Which has got a special substance that kills termites? This stuff is Sentricon. It is the newest and most effective of products used to kill termites 
By going to the website of the company producing this drug you can find good professionals.

One of the largest companies in pest control is Orkin. Its main office is situated in Atlanta, Ga. This company has got a centenary history and work around the world. In their work, they use the latest drugs.

The next company is American Pest, which was founded in 1979 and has offices in Manhattan and Olat. If you live in Austin, TX, you can find good skills not far from your place.

The Pest Rangers is situated in Hollywood and Hanover. It also helps protect houses and apartments from termites. 

Natural products to kill termites

If using chemicals is scary, and calling employees of specialized companies is expensive, you can try another way to kill termites. It is known that in nature, every creature has its enemy. 
  1. One of them is nematodes. Nematodes are small worms. They live in termites and eat them. They can be bought on the Internet on Amazon.com.
  2. The second way. Ants are natural enemies of termites. When they are allowed access to the mound, partially destroying it, then a real war will begin. Ants kill termites. But do you need ants on the ground and in the house? 
  3. Armadillos happy to eat termites. One of the species of these animals lives in the Central and South-Eastern States, in the North penetrating to Nebraska. The family of armadillos can be settled not far from the house, although these animals are not well accustomed to people. Armadillos may spoil the crops, which are not fenced, but they will kill termites and will eat many other pests.
  4. Diatomaceous earth. It consists of alumina, silica small amount (up to two per cent) of iron oxide. It is necessary to cover with a thin layer of such earth all sites allegedly infected with termites. And they gradually disappear.
  5. Termites can't stand sunlight. So take out the affected furniture in the sun and no all termites there will die.
  6. Termites cannot exist in the freezing cold. During a hard frost, open all the windows for a few days and well congeal your apartment.
  7. With point termite’s contamination, it’s possible to use electric current or microwave radiation.
To make the right choice of means for the destruction of termites you must take into account many factors. Consider not only the effectiveness of the tool but also its security for the environment. Think about its difficulties to use and selling value.