There are a lot of myths and rumors about termites. Everybody is afraid of them, but very little part of people knows how these insects live, why they are dangerous and why not. 

Rumor №1 – Baby termites may appear in packaged mulch

So today, we will try make it more clear why baby termites in mulch are not so terrifying, who can be there except for the termites, and which things are the signs you should do something.

To tell the truth, all termites are rather dangerous. They can easily deprive you of your house. But to tell which of them are worse than the others, we should look at how the colony lives. The mentioned insects are divided into three groups which are soldiers, workers, and alates. So, the first two types, baby termites without wings, live in your house constantly and eat it, the last type is the one which has wings. 

Flying insects can be seen when they want to make a new nest somewhere. It means that they are not more dangerous than workers and soldiers, but they are a bad signal for anyone who sees them.

Rumor №2 – Getting rid of termites is similar to fighting with ants

Even these insects are quite similar, the methods of fighting against them are different. So, let’s make baby termites vs baby ants to see the difference between them.

Take a look at insects which you have and look at their bodies, wings, and color. Do these insects have straight bodies and similar antennas? Do they have four similar wings? So then, you have termites. Baby insects are impossible to see as they hide in wood and paper. Do the insects go through larval, pupal and mature stages? So then, you have ants.

Rumor №3 – Baby termites may appear in packaged mulch

Some people are afraid of getting insects right in packages. The correlation between termites and mulch is the following: termites like wood, mulch is made of wood, so the termites can be in mulch. But the truth is that it is simply impossible for the insects to travel in bags waiting for being at your house and distract everything. First of all, the process of wood chipping is intense and make it impossible for any species to survive. Secondly, it contradicts the nature of termites. They depend very much on being in the colony, and when they leave it, the chance of surviving is absent.

Rumor №4 – It is impossible to prevent baby termites in bathroom

People think that the termites are hidden so well and they are so dangerous insects that there is no way to prevent them from eating your house. 

But the truth is that there are typical signs of their possible presence in your bathroom. So, make sure your ventilation system works in the right way and there are no problems with it. Then, prevent the water collection because of leaky pipes. Also, avoid humid showers. All these things give the termites an access to the most hidden parts of your house. If you have failed in prevention, you will see the following signs: tiles which are loose, sagging ceiling, damaged walls, small holes in walls and wallpaper, jammed doors.

Rumor №5 – Nobody has an answer to the question “Do baby termites jump?”

We do not want to waste your time and just ask you to look at the physical characteristics of these insects one more time. As we have mentioned before, termites fly and do it very well. We have also understood that they are very dangerous and disgusting insects as they ruin houses very fast. But are their legs suitable for jumping? The answer is definite – no! If you see a jumping insect and afraid of losing your wooden walls and furniture, relax a little bit, you have something else.

People’s fears led them very far, but always check the information before asking special services to delete the insects from your house. Just do not be very nervous and do not ignore the facts which are on the first links in Google.