The termites called workers would do their best to move their queen as deep as possible under the ground so she can survive in cold winter and continue the colony in spring. Workers-termites can hunt for food but stick close to their nest. If their nest is inside or under your home, they won’t have to worry about the cold. Your home supplies plenty of heat for them to eat their way through your walls and foundation.

However, termites that already live in your house are feeling very comfortable there even if it is cold outside. There is plenty of food for them, so they don’t have to go too far. And it is might be winter, but those pests were busy all summer, making tunnels and colonies in your wooded property. Even though the cold might cause their slow movement, they still never stop moving and eating. As the main goal of the termites’ entre existence is to create the colony and make a room for it. Both of the sexes can be reproductive, so the colony would be growing really fast. The termite is a kind of a problem that should never stay untreated. 

Termite’s activity in winter

Termites keep operating their colonies all year long. The weather influences only the speed of their reproducing process. Usually during winter the queen of the colony does not produce the eggs. And even though the colony is big enough – this might cause a big damage as a lot of termites do not live long. The producing season starts full power in spring again. And that is the most dangerous time for the house owners. 
In winter termites are also moving slower to save their energy and to keep the food for the entire cold season. If their food is located on the surface, where it is very cold, they’d rather skip some meals then let the whole colony die. The working termites are building special tunnels to go up and get the food for the colony to survive the colder times. They would also build the mud tubes on the surfaces, where it is too cold for them to move around.

FAQs and the termite’s inspections during winter

A lot of house owners keep asking the same questions – do termites live in winter?do termites dormant in winter? Do termites swarm in winter? the answers to those questions are simple. Unfortunately, termites are those kinds of pests that are on top of the evolution chain among the insects. Their mechanisms of survival are almost perfect, so yes, they do live during winter months and they even stay active. Termites do not dormant during winter. 

The way termites behave looks like an energy saving mode – they are hiding under the ground in the deep tunnels full of moisture and getting their food using easy ways. 

If you live in the regions that have warmer weather even during winter – you most likely face the problem of termites being active all year long. And if you are resident of the colder region, the life will be a little easier there. Termites do not swarm during cold weather. So you will not be able to see their swarms all winter long. Also, the colony of termites is not growing during the cold time, so they will not invade your house through those months. 

Even though you would not see termites anywhere around during winter, you still should be alerted and keep inspecting your house regularly on the presence of pests. So here are some prevention tips that you could use during winter:
  • Always try to listen if there are any hollow sounds when you are knocking on the wooden walls in your house;
  • Try to see if there are signs of termites’ presence in the house – small holes in the wooden surface or red and black dust by the walls. Those are potentially the termite poop that they are leaving behind all over;
  • Inspect the outside walls of your house for the mud tubes coming up from the ground as this would be the perfect way for termites to hide from cold and moving up and down from their nest;
  • Place termite bats around the garden area. Use a wood sprayed with pheromone liquid for termites and place it under the ground in your garden. See if there are termites inside. During winter there won’t be many, but even one or two means that you have an issue;
  • Always check for any damaged faucets or leaking pipes around the house from outside – termites love humidity no matter what time of the year is it.
And the most important thing is to act rapidly if you notice any signs of infestation. Do not be destructed by the cold and quiet time. For termites there is never a time for rest or sleep – they are working constantly on damaging your house. If you notice any termite’s activity during winter months, don’t rush to call the inspectors, you can do everything on your own.