Who are they?

«White ants», dangerous depredators – in such words people usually describe termites. They have nothing in common with the ants stated above, they just look like them and are social beings as well: build their «houses», there is class division in their «family». By their nature, termites are heterometabolic insects, having sibs with a cockroach. 

Disasters from swarmer termites are not exaggerated in practice. If such a «guest» visits you at your place, you should ring the alarm bells immediately. It is not difficult for them to turn your house into ruins for a couple of years. Besides the damage, swarmer termite bites can cause strong allergy. 

The most aggressive chemical poison is used a gainst them, but even it is not able to kill them completely. This is the reason why special inspections are created. 

General characteristic

At present, the scientists have discovered more than three thousand types of termites, fifty of them are in North America. They live mainly in the tropics and subtropics. Consequently, they like warmth and moisture. They may be of two types: those who live in soil and those who live in wood. 
Swarmer termite sizes are gigantic: there are more than a million of them. In each class of termites there are casts: 
  • Workers, they constitute the most part.
  • Soldiers.
  • «Royal creatures». 
Below we consider the peculiar features of each cast. 

Peculiar features of each group

Let us start with the lowest and the most simple category – workers. In the colony of swarmer termites dangerous these are the tiniest representatives, the round shape of the head and soft body characterizes them. They are not longer than 1 centimetre. As a rule, their colour is light, as they are forced to live constantly in the areas full of moisture vapour. Considering the fact that there are no life termites on the surface, they do not practically see or blind at all. 

Key point: in the colony of ants only female representatives work, in the colony of termites male representatives participate in works as well. The main task of workers: tunnels swarmer, their upgrading, if necessary, building the place of living, searching and storage of food and caring for the offspring. 

Termites-soldiers also fall into the working class, but their tasks are a bit different, that is why their structure is also different. Their main goal is protecting their houses. For this goal, they have strong mandibles (jaws). Besides this general weapon, some of them have a small appendix on the head, through which they can excrete substance, possible to immobilize the enemy. After the contact with the outside environment, this substance stiffens quickly. This type is also blind, their head is bigger than the head of workers. These termites are of black, red-brown, orange shades. They have no wings. Their size varies from 2,5 mm to 22 mm. When protection is needed, they make the army, if for the moment of attack their «fortress» pulls down, the soldiers hold the line up to the moment when workers rebuild the broken area.

Queen and king are the highest representatives of swarmer termites without wings. 

She managers organisms that reached the age of puberty, he – impregnates her. In comparison with other termites, the queen has huge size, that is why she cannot move by herself. The body of a female termite can reach ten centimetres. In the process of new organisms appearing she grows considerably, that is why the cast of workers become responsible for care and servicing. 

The queen lives in the deepest part of the termite nest together with the king, who never lives her. He is a little bigger than a soldier, but in comparison with others only he has the right to copulate with the female. As opposed to ants, the king of termites does not die after intercourse. 

The productivity of female termite is very high. She can produce up to three thousand eggs per day. Special ferment appears on the maw of the queen during eggs laying, which is licked off by soldiers. She can live up to fifteen years. It is interesting that the couple is honest with each other during the whole life. 

About the young generation

When the period of swarming comes, that is a late spring-summer start, there comes the change in insects life. At this time newly winged swarmer termites, the young generation, leave their native places so that to start building their own termite nest. At that moment they begin mating, as a result of which they lose protection completely due to the fact that after the intercourse male and female termites deprive themselves of their own wings. No all termites leave their first homes: those who were left alive are to build the next colony and build homes for it. Several couples stay in case if anything happens with the head. 

«Living area» 

Here it will be described the way the termite nest is created, its peculiarity and specifics. 
After the birth of a sufficient amount of running force, the future "governors" determine the new location of their "kingdom" and the workers get down to business. It is amazing, but these small creatures are able to build «fortresses» of considerable height with several complex ways and tunnels. Such buildings stretch on eight meters high. In the shadow of these buildings many animals, for example, bulls and elephants hide from the bright sun. The models differ from each other, some of them look like a cathedral, others are called «magnetic» as their location directs to the South or to the North. Swarmer termites means are very practical and reasonably built, in other words, the direction of sunbeams is taken into account when building: their penetration inside should be minimized so that to avoid ultraviolet emission. Moisture and temperature are also very important components. 

The structure of houses 

Let us speak about the life of swarmer termites outside. Their house has two parts: one is above ground level and the other is beneath. As it was already stated, the above part is a rising part construction. In this part there is an air circuit in the form of several units, insect larvae are kept there as well. «Mushroom gardens» are located here. Such a phenomenon of nature as symbiosis takes part here. «Farms» for thermophiles are specially built here. They evolve special substances to feed the functional power. The latter lives on the territory of building in return and always have something to eat. 

As for the underground life, this is the scheme with complex underground corridors and separate sections, one of them is meant, for example, for a queen. Storage mass, secretions of workers, small wood, plants and clay serve as a material for building the «shelter». This building is very stable and hermetically sealed. By the way, the colour of the building is also reasonably chosen: it corresponds to the colour of the ground, that is why it does not catch the eye of the enemy. 

What do they eat?

To the question «Do swarmer termites eat wood?», the answer is: definitely yes. The main «foodstuff» for them are simple to plant source. Wood, for example. Its digestion is performed due to flagellates, living in the gastroenteric tract. 

Now about food stocks. Only the lowest class provides food for themselves. Among their tasks is the task to provide food for the whole «family». «The militaries» cannot also assimilate food by themselves. Their jaws are not fully developed, besides mandibles interfere. This is the reason why this cast feeds by the extracts of the previous ones or by the excrements from the mouth. This is also the way the highest members are fed. «Mushroom gardens» and saliva of grown-up organisms become food for larvae. So, leaves, wood remains, skin coverings of animals become food. The next members eat excrements of the previous organisms. In general, the same food goes through many members of the colony until it reaches the final recycling. The second frequently asked the question: «Do swarmer termites bite?». The answer here is also positive. In such a way they protect themselves. It is good that the wound from them is not mortal and they do not have poison against man. But there will be a strong allergy with a variety of unpleasant symptoms: dizziness, vomiting, Quinckeˈs disease will be for sure. 

Coexistence with human beings

There are no good relations between termites and human beings. In their natural environment, these enemies can eat your house, garage and any building made of wood, furniture, books, etc will be among things eaten. 

It no good that it is quite difficult to define whether these «visitors» exist in your house. You can only guess about it. Below are evident signs of their existence in your house:
  • There are small holes in things made of wood. So the enemies are making their way, providing themselves with food simultaneously. Try to knock: if you hear a muffled sound, examine your place carefully. 
  • At some places «babies» leave evident marks of their existence: tunnels and breaks. 
  • If there is sawdust near the tunnels – there is no doubt that your house is attacked by the enemies. 
  • The last hint – one always gets rid of life products. 

These signs will tell you about uninvited guests in your house. 
Do not rush to buy swarmer termites treatment. It is extremely difficult to implement it alone. At present, there are a thousand types of poisons and chemicals to solve this problem, but not all of them are effective. The seller is interested to sell, he does not mind about consequences. 

If you have started renovation works, apply to the neighbors first. They can simply tell you about termites in their house and may help. They are interested in this because they don’t want to see termites in their house again. Do not think that the termites can live only in the living room or a bedroom. Frequently swarmer termites build good houses in the bathroom. It is warm and moist there. Considering this information, you can frequently meet swarmer termites California. 

In any case, take the initiative. There is no need to call for the inspector, who will make a diagnosis. Further on, you can do everything yourself. The following method is most frequently used: small holes with poison are made around the house. The poison is brought by the termites to the heart of their nest. Depending on the chain and the way they eat, this poison will go through the stomach of each organism. No works can be done in thirty days. They are prohibited. At the end of this period you need to make investigation again and after you see that they have escaped, start repairing the destroyed elements and fragments.