What are termites? 

Termites visually are very similar to white ants. They are thought to be one of the ant families, although they belong to the cockroach family, which are the insects with the incomplete transformation. There are 3 types of termites:
  • Workers;
  • Soldiers;
  • Fertile termites.
Working termites are very important in the agronomy, as they are the earner and gardeners. They get the nutrition for the whole colony, feed the soldiers because the later cannot find the food themselves. Working termites are also good at the building of homes for the colonies. The so-called soldiers are usually protecting the others from the others insects attacks, such as the attacks of cockroaches. Fertile termites gave birth to other termites and generate the new colonies of soldiers and workers as well as some more fertile termites. 

The appearance:

There are two colouring of these insects:
  • White;
  • Brown.
In the United States of America, there are usually lots of termites inroads. This may be explained by the humidity and warm climate of this territory, especially in springtime. Termites with wings get out of the nests and start their activity – damaging the ground and people houses.

Termites in the wooden stump.

Types of termites with wings

In this article we will discuss the main type of these insects:
  • Termites with wings.
Types of termites with wings have more power than the others. They have a good sight, a pair of the faceted eyes and the ordinary eyes as well. In fact, this is powerful so far, because the other termites lose their sight during a lifetime. They have a pair of wings that are large enough, but weak and that’s why they float and do not fly. The wings of some termites after pairing may be broken on the special seam line. 

The termites with wings leave their nests in the warm and humid season time: they are the continuers of the generation. Right in the air, the male and female termites meet and then go to the ground for matching. In the process of pairing their wings are broken and cannot be renewed: they are not able to fly again, never in their life. 

There is also the distinction and separation between the termites on “kings” and “queens”, “princes” and “princesses”. The first two – king and queen have no wings, and they can be found together every time. The queen is ten times bigger the ordinary termite, that is because she is created to carry a big amount of eggs as possible. They even cannot move – workers carry queens from cell to cell. If we to look at the male king, there is no difference between him and an ordinary termite. The main mission of his is to fertilize the female, and so he is always there by her side. 

Where do they dwell?

Usually, they may be found in the ground and any wooden material: tables, tree roots. You may be surprised by the work they can do. Workers are responsible for colonies building: the duties are distributed between the termites and so everyone is busy with their own duty. They dwell with the whole families and their home – the colony – has lots of layers and tiers. Types of termites in a colony. The colonies are the big “house” the main part of which is hidden underground, but the other part is also visible. It has lots of passages only the termites able to orient in. And the enemies will possibly get lost and die there. The interior includes the rooms, cells and the places of food storage, the central room and the royals. The main aim of the termites – is to continue their existence and so they carefully and attentively guard the queen. Soldiers are the one responsible for the guarding. 

Termites attacks

The USA is suffering from the termite's attacks annually. They are not so dangerous, but still unpleasant to have a deal with. The south-eastern Americans find it really difficult to spend their time outside during the period of their pairing. The flocks of these insects gather by the lanterns and smash the windows. The part of them, for sure, gets inside the house. The main termites’ food is the wood, it takes a lot of time to eat the wood out, but the damage to the furniture and wooden materials is great for sure. 

Usually, the termites are hard to notice at first, the only sign they can give is the number of holes in the furniture. If you have noticed some don’t rush to call the specialists, try to get rid of termites on our own, otherwise the whole house may be damaged because of insects. There is presented a great number of ways how to “say goodbye” to termites.

Sometimes it happens that the flocks of termites cover the houses’ roofs, pavements and roads of the USA, bringing the nasty feelings and discomfort. They even get stuck in hair, inside of the clothes and may bite people. All of this is accompanied by the constant buzz. 
They are known to fly to the lights at nights, and so specialists recommend reduce the illumination by the houses – for termites not to get inside of the house. This may reduce the number of termites. 

This problem is a national concern since these parasites live in the wooden objects of houses for sale, but selling companies do not tell this to the buyers. The special inspection on termites’ extermination uses special gases. The whole building is covered with the special rubber material. After this, a special gas is put inside of the space between the house and rubber cloth. The gas penetrates the colony immediately. The removal of colonies outside the house using this method is very dangerous and that’s why it is used to get of the existing ones inside the house. 

The termite's attack at the streets is a temporary thing, and after pairing they usually disappear. The mass operation on termites extermination is needed, as when we get rid of the small quantities of termites, they can still live in houses, damaging it from whiting. 

Form where termites appeared in the USA? It is believed that termites might be brought to the USA after the Second World War. They might be transported by ships, having the boxes contaminated with these nasty creatures.