There is some prevention measure you can apply in order not to have termites in your house. So what causes their appearance the most?
  • Standing water in the drainages around your house can be one of the things that cause termites in your home.
  • Keeping firewood or any old pieces of wooden furniture somewhere close to your house walls or foundation can cause the appearance of termites in it.
  • Inspect your home regularly for any cracks or halls in the out walls. This can be an easy route for termites to come inside and start their colony.
  • If your house has a wooden foundation, termites most likely will show up in it. Try to build your house on a stone or cement foundation. This will create a barrier between the living area of termites and your house.
  • The best area for termites is somewhere where it’s humid. So if your house is surrounded by the wet soil, try to get rid of it.
  • Some kinds of wood that are used for building your house can be more attractive and cause termites in your house. Try to use those kinds of wood that termites find not so tasty such as partridge-wood or cedar.
  • If you have a lot of wooden furniture inside your house or in your patio, try to use waterproof cleaning chemicals to treat them on a week to week basis. Too much wood will attract and can be a cause of termites in your home.
  • Termites love humidity. So if you have a high level of humidity in your house, this can be one of the causes of termites.
Of course, the main cause of termites in the house is lack of treatment and unregularly inspections. If you do not inspect your home properly at least once a month, you most probably will get termites. 
  • Check the area down by the windows and street doors. If termites came from there, you will be able to find the signs of their presence – piles of left wings, red or black colour dust;
  • The next step would be knocking on the wood – if there are hollow places in the walls in your home, termites most probably are having a party inside there;
  • Look around your wooden walls, wooden pieces of furniture - if there are small halls it, these might be the entrances to termite’s nest.

In order to be on the safe side, don't run to call specialist immediately after you suspect having termites in your house. You can do everything on your own.

Causes of termites inside of the wood

Wood is one of the most popular materials for building houses or outbuildings. But it happened to be termite’s favourite meal as well. How does it happen, that sometimes brand new house is showing signs of termites infestation in less than a year after it has been built? The answer is quite easy – the wood that the house has been made of had termites inside. So there are two main causes of termites in the wood:
  1. The first one is that the wood was not stored properly on the warehouse or in the shop, where it was waiting for its owner. To prevent the appearance of termites in the wood, it has to be stored in the dry area. It also has to have space in between the logs or boards, so the air can circulate to prevent it getting wet from one another. The wood should not touch the ground directly; it needs to be stored on the pallets;
  2. And the second cause of termites in the wood is bad treatment. The company, selling wood must treat it from termites or any other pests before the wood even being transported to the warehouse. And every week the wood must be inspected and treated again if needed. Carefully check the information about the company, you’re buying wood from. They must have certificates that will assure you of their proper care of the wood they are selling. 

Causes of appearing of different type of termites

There are some specific types of termites, that you can be dealing with and there are certain attractions that they would come to. 

The causes of subterranean termites are:

  • The wooden objects stored close to the house walls and touching the foundation. Pests are feeding on the wood; they also love humidity. So they normally would build their nest underground and go up searching for food. They are building mud tubes to travel around the area and storing wood next to the walls will make their life much easier
  • The dampness causes growth of subterranean termites. The reason is – termites need to be wet all the time to survive. Their skin is very thin and they can become dehydrated fast. So the broken faucet and the water leaking by the wall of your house can become a perfect area for termites

Some causes of appearing of flying termites are:

  • The colony of termites, found in your yard or in the next house can cause flying termites coming to your home. Flying termites are aimed to get to the place, where they can build a new colony. So if you do have a nest of termites in your garden there is a danger, that the house can be infested too;
  • The open windows on the attic or in any of the rooms in your house. During the time, when flying termites are normally migrating from one colony to another – it is mostly in May, you should keep your windows closed. The attics are mostly not so crowded and empty, but they do have a lot of wooden materials there and can become perfect new home for flying termites.
So, as you can see from this article, there are a lot of causes of termites that can occur in your house. The most important things to remember are: always use prevention measures and act quickly if you do find termites on your property.