There are insects that an uninformed person can make a muddle of with termites.
First of all, bugs that look like termites are ants. Of course, small black ants cannot make a muddle of with termites. But big red ants, which you meet on your location can mislead you. The reason for this mistake is not only resembling the appearance of ants but also their huge anthills, as well as a very similar way of life. In spring during mating this bugs that look like termites with wings.

Indeed, the way of life of ants analogous to the way of life of termites. But anthills, irrespectively of their size, do not look like termite mounds. Termite mounds are sturdy constructions made of material ready to argue with our cement. It is possible to break a termite mound unless only a hammer or a sledgehammer. Anthills is a soft construction for which enough shovels. Of course, the ants on the ground are not very comfortable neighbours, but you must understand that the ants will not eat your wooden buildings.

Red fire ants eat various insects, in their habitat they reduce the number of pests of agriculture, destroying cotton weevils, fireflies on sugar cane. There are even ants that eat only termites. They are centromeres. Of course, that sort of ants can be useful on the ground. By the way, ants in contradistinction from termites can bite hard. Their bites can cause an allergic reaction. How can you distinguish an ant from a termite? First at the glance. But it’s the best way by food preference. Put a piece of sugar near the path of insects and observe. Termites will remain indifferent, and ants will attack a delicacy. 

For diminution slathers ants on the ground, you can simply burn their anthills, or move the anthills far away from your house in late autumn or winter, that is much more humanitarian. Better allocate them in wood. Where ants will benefit nature.

If ants appeared in your apartment, don't lose temptation. Black bugs that look like termites are not dangerous but very harmful to the walls of wooden house ants are named woodworms. But these insects, unlike termites, do not eat wood. They build their houses out of wood dust.
Use chemicals as the most effective and fast-acting. Such as:
  1. Indoor Ant Kit
The result is already palpable after 6 hours of treatment. But in the presence of a large number of ants in the building, it will have to be processed during one and another day.
  1. Maxforce FC Ant Bait Gel it begins to operate from three to five days and destroys a large number of ant species
Are there any bugs that look like termites? Another insect that can be put down for termites is cockroaches.

Cockroaches-thermophilic and moisture-loving, very mobile insects, leading predominantly nocturnal; day hiding under stones or fallen leaves, in cracks on the surface of the soil, in the burrows of rodents, under the bark of stumps and dying trees. Winged can fly at night into the light. They feed on plant and animal residues. Cockroaches are one of the toughest insects. Some cockroaches can subsist without nutrition during a month. 

Experiments conducted at the University of Florida have shown that the cockroach leaves behind a chemical trace, which will be used by other cockroaches to search out a way to fountain of water, comestibles or coverture immediately. 

In the United States is very common so-called American cockroach. A bug that looks like a giant termite. These roaches inhabit mainly in ventilation tunnels or large institutional buildings. This cockroach has got wings and can fly. They are about five centimetres long.
One of the main objectives of this study was to develop new methods of control over cockroaches as pests. Artificially created chemical trace, leading away from home, could solve the problem of cockroaches without the use of poisonous insecticides.

Cockroaches in the house is a trouble, which should immediately begin to fight. But how to distinguish them from termites? All the same. Cockroaches like ants love sweets. Put a piece of sugar and the cockroaches will run, and the termites will pass by. For all that in contradistinction from ants, which will be interested only in your products, cockroaches are able to eat paper if they get hungry, and nothing edible will be no more. But much of that can destroy the termites, can also destroy cockroaches. For example, boric acid. Pour it on cardboard (for termites) and add a little sugar for cockroaches. You can see after their fade away soon. Besides, you are able to practice the following chemical tools to destroy cockroaches.
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  2. Temprid FX Insecticide A generic drug that will destroy not only cockroaches but also ants.
  3. Permethrin SFR 36.8%  This drug can be processed even magazine, which then you will read.