Termites are absolutely harmless to humans and to their harvest but can cause serious damage to houses, especially to wooden buildings. Every spring they attack cities and states. However, this is not such a big disaster for you because they will just fly by and do nothing, while this can turn into a real disaster for your home, as there is nothing worse than termites found in home inspection. 

The biggest difficulty is that these insects are quite difficult to notice because externally they don’t manifest themselves, all the sabotage occurs inside. They eat wooden furniture and houses while the owners don’t suspect anything. And then, a few days or years later, the furniture is falling apart alongside with the house while the insects fly to a new habitat, where they start causing damage again. Experts say that there is nothing surprising and terrible in the development of the pest. Fortunately, there are some actual means of combating them, both when finding after a self-inspection of the premises and in a new residential building.

What do termites eat?

As is well-known, termites eat wood because it contains cellulose, which they actually need. Therefore, if the house is built of wood, you should always be alert and check all the floors, especially stairs, ground and cellars.

How to determine if there are termites in the house

  1. The first thing you should do is to inspect the entire house, from large furniture and walls with partitions to books, paper and wallpaper. You will find small holes on the surface similar to the ants’ traces if termites have been there already. You will also see sawdust and brown shavings, which the pests have left behind.
  1. Afterwards, you should go through all the premises and knock on the surfaces. A screwdriver is a perfect tool to use for this. Typically, there is always a hollow space left on the surfaces where the termites went through. You could also knock with a hammer on walls, furniture and floors and if you hear a distinctive sound, you could be sure termites have been there.
  2. You should inspect windows as you can find wings that the insects through away near them. As soon as the insects find a suitable habitat they throw their wings away, as they know they will not have to fly anywhere anymore and could stay in this very place with food and excellent environment for them to life and reproduction.
  1. In stores, you can buy special devices that can help find insects in the house. We are talking about a thermal imaging camera. It will inspect everything around and if it finds something, distinctive signs will appear on the screen – heat production from termites. However, this device is not always available in stores and is very expensive.
  2. Instead of doing it by yourself, you could opt for calling specialists who will inspect everything, carry out disinfection and destroy all the unwanted guests.
If the termites were found in home inspection the problem should not be ignored. You should better start solving it, while there is something to save left. Otherwise, pests will attack all the premises and the territory around the house and it will not be possible to destroy them then.

What to do in order to kill the pests

Chemical agents will help you say goodbye to pests forever but you can do everything yourself. Although keep in mind that this isn’t dangerous. Pay attention to the chemicals, use them only in gloves. Therefore, to finish this battle against pests quickly and efficiently we suggest you not to call specialized services but try do everything on your own.
Termites found during home inspection are afraid of chemicals. In stores, you can find different types of chemicals with different characteristics and with their help, pests can be combated. These chemicals can destroy both ants and wasps, mites and bedbugs.

Another effective tool for combating pests is the Bora-Care. It has unique properties that make insects become infected and die after eating an already dead termite.

There is no need to spread poison wearing special clothes, which could protect the skin from harmful vapours.
The worst occurs when the termites found after home purchase manifest themselves and don’t let you live your life. It will be hard to combat them. Two things are possible:
  • The house already had termites. In such case you might be able to combat them;
  • There were pests under the building and near the building before. During site construction, the land was not disinfected, as it quite often happens. You will need to make a great effort to win; it is hard, if not impossible. Even after the disinfection, pests might come back as the land has been always infected.

How to win a fight over pests in a new house

It’s much more difficult to do it here. Sometimes the fight will not be successful, as you already know, it is quite difficult to combat pests. They could be in the soil, in the house frame or in the furniture, they can also live in some things that were bought by the previous house owners at the market and therefore they moved from them to other things. However, several things can be done in this situation.
  • Orange oil. Make a little hole in the infected area and leave the oil inside. Within one or two weeks, you will definitely see fewer insects. Just be careful with the oil, as if it gets inside your body you could get a stomachache and if it gets on your skin you could get burned. 
  • As mentioned earlier, sunlight is not so pleasant for pests. Therefore, place the damaged furniture in the sun; leave it there to let it dry. Pests will go away and not come back.
  • Another effective method in this fight is a boric acid. Pests get dehydrated and their internal organs get damaged. Spread the acid around the premises and if you want to be a 100% sure that you’ll have the positive result, cover the ground too. Watch out for danger: the acid is quite toxic to breathe, so we recommend using special clothes and equipment to protect yourself. Animals and kids should not be present while doing this.

What to do to keep your place free from termites

Termites love humid environment with little light and warm places, therefore, first of all, you should protect your place of living, furniture and everything that can be negatively affected by dampness.
  • Pests are afraid of the cold, so try to lower air temperature. You could use liquid nitrogen for this.
  • Besides, you should try to drown them, for example, to fill their living area with water so the termites found after home inspection will go away.
  • Sunlight is another possible threat for termites. There is not enough light where you live? Then add some light right away.
  • There is nothing better than home remedies. Take a look at your kitchen! Spill salt in their living areas and insects will disappear. 
Of course, if you discover there are pests in your home, this will be an unpleasant news for you. In any case, it’s quite a misfortune and this situation cannot be left unattained. If you discover insects early enough, you have more chances to win the fight over them and preserve your home tidy and clean.